Dragonfly Candle

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 Introducing our exclusive 2024 Dragonfly Tour Candle! This high-quality, hand-poured, double-wicked candle is produced in limited quantities and invokes the sensation of being in a meadow filled with dragonflies. Enjoy the aroma of freshly cut grass, combined with fruity hints of lemon and lily of the valley. These scents are enhanced by top notes of Bergamot and Lilac and a warm base of moss and sage.

Each resealable iridescent teal tin contains 7.2oz of premium soy wax, providing over 30 hours of burn time.

Our candles are eco-friendly, made from all-natural soybeans grown in the US, and include a lead and zinc-free natural cotton wick. We utilize Clean Scents™ fragrance oils that are free of phthalates, thus avoiding carcinogens, toxins, and other harmful chemicals often found in fragrance oils. Experience a safe, natural, and aromatic journey with peace of mind.