Dreaming to Live CD

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The thirteen tracks of original compositions and arrangements of Dreaming to Live are performed by the Folias Duo, flutist Carmen Maret, and guitarist Andrew Bergeron. Pointing to their passion for tango, classical music, and Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla, the duo has performed tango music since the early 2000’s and here they branch out to showcase the rich folk music of northern Argentina. Bergeron and Maret also share the work of composing. As they explain in the liner notes for the album, “The music on this album relates to concepts we have been interested in as composers: nature, time, and existence.”

In the twenty-four-page booklet that accompanies the album, Maret features an essay of pinhole photos taken with homemade cameras that document the duo’s travels and creative process.

Dreaming to Live is the duo’s first release on their own Folias Music label. The album was recorded at Sono Luminus Studios. Located in a 100-year-old, former Episcopal Church in rural Boyce, Virginia the studio’s world-class facility and specialization for recording high-quality acoustic classical music is showcased through Bergeron and Maret’s performance throughout the album.

All compositions by Andrew Bergeron & Carmen Maret Published by Folias Music (ASCAP)

Carmen Maret: flute, alto flute, piccolo
Andrew Bergeron: guitar

Recorded at Sono Luminus Studios on December 19, 2016 in Boyce, Virginia
Audio production and editing by Dan Merceruio
Engineered and mastered by Daniel Shores
Produced by Andrew Bergeron & Carmen Maret
Package Design & Photos by Carmen Maret and David McGowan

Track Listing
Naturaleza Suite (17:50) Carmen Maret
1. I. Octopus Fantasma (4:51)
2. II. Zamba de los Toros (2:54)
3. III. Rio Sin Tiempo (4:43)
4. IV. Mantis Religiosa (3:22)
5. V. Snake Dreams (2:00)for flute, piccolo and guitar

Phoenix Trilogy (12:20) Andrew Bergeron
6. I. Clock Time (3:43)
7. II. Dreaming to Live (4:35)
8. III. Living Now (4:34)for flute and guitar

9. Folias Variations (9:26) Andrew Bergeron for flute and guitar

10. Resurrección del Angel (6:56) Piazzolla/Bergeron for flute and guitar

11. Escualo (3:41) Piazzolla/Bergeron for flute and guitar

12. Milonga Gris (5:50) Aguirre/Maret for flute and guitar

13. Impossible Eclipse (5:16) Bergeron/Maret for alto flute and guitar

Total Time: 61:49 Official Release: April 15, 2017