Heartdance CD

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Folias Music is excited to announce the release of Heartdance in 2023. The album celebrates the twenty-year artistic odyssey and life partnership of flutist Carmen Maret and guitarist Andrew Bergeron, known as the Folias Duo. When asked about the title, Bergeron explained, "How else can we live together as artists and as a couple but with a kind of heartdance?"

Throughout the album's nine tracks, Bergeron and Maret engage in conversational chamber music, exploring the sonic possibilities of flute and guitar within their modern classical music background. They experiment with Argentine folk, jazz, and world music while addressing ecological and existential themes. The couple drew inspiration for the album from their long history of touring together during the summers and writing compositions in rustic cabins along the way.

All compositions by Bergeron and Maret published by Folias Music ASCAP

Carmen Maret: flute, alto flute, piccolo, tambin

Andrew Bergeron: guitar

Recorded January 3 – 5, 2023 at Sono Luminus Studio in the 110-year-old former Emmanuel Episcopal Chapel in rural Boyce, VA

Production and editing by Dan Merceruio

Engineered and mastered by Daniel Shores

Cover, photos, and design by Carmen Maret

Artwork commissioned by Folias Music: “Dragonfly” by David McKie, “Cabin” by Gregg Bruff, “Nighthawk” by Alina Poroshina

Track List

  1. Aquatic 4:22
  2. Molting 4:02
  3. Flying 6:27
  4. Heartdance 6:19
  5. Meadow Dream 7:00
  6. Nighthawk 7:41
  7. Looking Glass 4:36
  8. Procession of the Foxes 6:41
  9. Forgotten Peach Blossoms 6:46

Total Time: 53:54  Official Release, May 5, 2023