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Andrew Bergeron's 2018 guitar composition is a captivating tribute to the character Don Quixote from Miguel Cervantes' legendary novel. The first movement of the piece delves into the intriguing psychological dichotomy of Don Quixote, portraying his solitary mountain sojourn and self-inflicted penance. The second movement crafts a vivid depiction of the contrast between Don Quixote's deeds and the world's perception of them. The composition showcases a variety of guitar techniques, such as the utilization of a capo on the first fret, rasgueado, tremolo, counterpoint, and swift arpeggiation, making it a must-have for lovers of complex and evocative guitar music.

I. Penance (4:30)
II. Chivalry (5:00)

Instrumentation: solo guitar

Length: 9:30

Format: 15-page PDF download of the guitar score with fingerings. © 2018

Listen to the recording here.