Phoenix Trilogy Sheet Music

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Experience the captivating Phoenix Trilogy by Andrew Bergeron, inspired by the philosophy of existence. This trilogy, fashioned in the classical sonata form, opens with the rapid-paced Clock Time, symbolizing our bustling lives. The meditative middle movement, Dreaming to Live, employs a third-related harmonic movement for an elusive musical quality. The final movement, Living Now, interprets living in the present moment through a unique five-beat tango inspired by Astor Piazzolla. Immerse yourself in the rhythm, harmony, and philosophical profundity of the Phoenix Trilogy.

I. Clock Time 3:43
II. Dreaming to Live 4:35
III. Living Now 4:34

Instrumentation: flute and guitar

Length: 13 minutes

Format: 22-page score plus parts. The guitar part includes fingerings. © 2017

Listen to the recording here.